"access to energy is a basic human right"

"Every home in South Africa deserves to have access to solar energy"

"Breaking the shackles binding us to crippling electricity tariff increases"


Blackwood Power will recommend a payment package specific to your needs, consumption patterns and municipal tariff structure. 


    There are three “areas” of payment based on the TYPE of solar solution you select. In each installation, there are specific costs incurred:


    • Connection Fee.

      Paid by YOU, the home-owner and applies to BOTH the Standard and the Storage-Enabled Solutions, the amount of which is determined by the actual size of system installed in your home. The fee ranges from R8000-00 for a 3kW system to R12 000-00 for a 5kW installation.

    • Solar Hardware Components.

      Blackwood Power will cover the full cost of the components required for your installation. Your financial obligations will be met via a contractual agreement between you and Blackwood Power. Of course, should you opt for the Outright Purchase option, you’ll cover the full cost.

    • Battery Purchase.

      This is paid by YOU and only applies to the Storage-Enabled Solar Solution. Blackwood Power can provide a short-term loan to those home-owners who qualify, repayable over 60 months at an interest rate linked to the prime South African lending rate.

    • Outright Purchase

      Provides the GREATEST SAVING over the full 20-year period but it comes at the highest initial cost to you.

      In order to provide you with the optimum solar solution at an affordable price, our on-site evaluators will conduct a thorough analysis of your requirements and will provide you with a written quotation which will also include the anticipated power generation of your array. This will allow you to calculate the break-even period on your investment. We’ll also assist you in programming the home management system so that you can optimize your solar consumption.

      If you select to pay cash for your solar solution, you can rest easy knowing that our photo-voltaic panels carry a full 20 year warranty and our inverters a 15 year warranty. You have the option of signing a full maintenance contract with us which will ensure that your system operates at optimum efficiencies.

    • Operational Lease Option:

      This provides great installment savings over the full 20-year period but relatively high initial costs.

      For the first three years your total electrical bill will be marginally higher than your existing Eskom or municipal bill, but thereafter the savings you’ll enjoy will increase year-on-year.


    Facts pertaining to your Blackwood Power Contract

    The system will be continuously monitored to ensure peak performance and should problems arise, our maintenance crews will be dispatched to rectify any faults. Because the equipment is ours, we take care of all repairs at no added cost and we also pay for the all-inclusive insurance cover guarding against theft and damage.

    You can purchase your Blackwood Power system at any stage after five years from date of installation and commissioning but if you choose to let the agreement run its full course, you’ll have a number of options available at the end of the term:

    1.  You can extend the agreement and we’ll upgrade your existing system with the latest solar technology;
    2.  You can purchase the system, or
    3.  You can have the whole system removed.

    If you sell your home whilst the agreement is still in place, you have options:

    1.  With our prior consent, you can transfer the Blackwood Power Operational Lease agreement to the new owner, or
    2.  You can purchase the system outright and include it into the selling price.

    Should you opt for the Storage-Enabled Solar Solution, which incorporates batteries, you’ll be required to provide the batteries at your own cost. We will provide the battery inverter(s), the cost of which will be recovered via your monthly payments, as agreed to in the Operational Lease agreement.