"access to energy is a basic human right"

"Every home in South Africa deserves to have access to solar energy"

"Breaking the shackles binding us to crippling electricity tariff increases"

The Storage-Enabled Solar Solution

Lighten Your Load Shedding

The volatility of Eskom’s power supply has created a strong demand from the average South African consumer for energy back-up solutions that are affordable and dependable.


  • The full array of components used in the Storage-Enabled system incorporates all the elements of the Standard system PLUS the batteries and battery inverter

  1. Standard Hardware components
    • Photo-voltaic (PV) Panels
    • Grid-tied Inverter(s)
    • Mounting Brackets
    • Cabling
    • Home Management System
    • Blackwood Power Meter
  2. Additional batteries and battery inverter
    • Battery Inverter
    • Battery Bank
    • Mounting Brackets
    • Cabling
    • Battery Shelving

The benefits of our Storage-Enabled Solar Solution

  • You have the ability to use your inexpensive solar power even more efficiently and store it for later use, such as during load shedding.

  • With the home management system, you’re able to monitor your energy usage highly effectively and you’re able to utilize your batteries to spread the load more efficiently by charging them during daylight, solar hours and using them to power some of your appliance in the evening

  • This gives you far more effective use of your solar energy and is the first step towards becoming completely energy independent.

Including the benefits of our Standard Solar Solution

  • You save electricity costs

  • You make yourself more independent from the volatility of Eskom’s electricity price increases

  • You increase the value of your property and protect the environment

  • The Home Management system automatically manages household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, allowing you to shift your consumption to times when the solar system is performing at peak output, even when you’re not at home

  • The Blackwood Power Meter and management system allows you to keep track of your electricity consumption and enables you to better manage your power utilization

  • The system has a 20 year warranty

  • Once legislation provides for it, you’ll be able to feed the excess electricity produced by your system back into the utility grid; your local council will credit your rates bill accordingly and you’ll be billed by Blackwood Power for its portion on a monthly basis

  • You can upgrade your system at any time by adding storage solutions

Adding batteries comes at a cost

It is common knowledge that you almost double the amount of capital required by adding batteries to a solar system and with today's current technology this is further compounded by the additional battery inverters that are necessary, rapidly making the entire system unaffordable and out of reach of the normal consumer. We expect new inverters to reach the market towards the latter part of 2015, which will enable the solar system to continue producing power to the home or school during daytime utility outages WITHOUT having to install standby battery storage. This, of course, is of no use during evening or night hours.


  • To minimise costs, we’ve designed the Storage-Enabled systems to only power emergency and “comfort” items during power outages. The load required by a typical assortment of items such as garage doors, home entertainment systems, internet routers, an assortment of plugs and some lights, is not high and can comfortably be powered by a relatively small battery bank for 4 hours continuously.

  • Should you want to power much larger portions of your home, we’ll gladly assist you in determining the exact battery inverter size and the number of batteries you’d need to match your load requirements.