Guy Fletcher

Guy Fletcher

B.Sc (Hons), CFA

Current position

  • Finance Director Blackwood Power (Pty) Ltd and
  • Executive Director of Bastion and Flowe (Pty) Ltd


Guy assumed responsibility for Bastion & Flowe in February 2014; the company has been established to provide an end-to-end digital

integration solution across the spectrum of online services ranging from online presence to sales lead identification, data management, data

interrogation and sales support markets. Digital Integration is the idea that data or information on any given electronic device can be read or

manipulated by another device using a standard format. A significant focus is to provide a platform for sales facilitation that is available for both large corporates and the individual entrepreneur.

Guy has over 27 years of financial services experience, acting in multiple capacities including:

  • Director
  • Key Individual
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Headof Risk at Vunani Fund Managers (previously Peregrine iQ and PeregrineQuant).

Vunani Fund Managers was a start-up institutional asset management company that commenced operations in 1999 and was awarded its first mandate in December 2000. Guy joined the company as Director and Head of Portfolio Management in August 2000 with the brief of bringing structure and practicality to the operation’s highly technical processes. He was appointed Chief Investment Officer in July 2001 with management responsibilities for Research, Portfolio Management, Systems and Dealing. He was appointed CEO in July 2009.

Guy was co-founder (1998) and Head of NIB Quants (now Taquanta Asset Management) and acted as Strategist, Team leader and Portfolio Manager for Southern Asset Management prior to that. He was intimately involved in changing the investment landscape within South Africa with the application of the Core / Satellite process to institutional investments.

Guy has additionally had a number of years of experience in both financial consulting and private equity; he has been involved in the solar energy industry since October 2014 and has provided the sophisticated modelling to ascertain the efficacy of residential solar from both the financier’s and consumer’s perspectives