David Stear

David Stear

B.Sc (Hons), M.Sc

Current positions

  • CEO of Les Donnees Marketing Analysts
  • Executive Director Blackwood Power (Pty) Ltd
  • Bastion & Flowe (Pty) Ltd


David has an MSc degree in geology from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and worked as a petroleum exploration geologist for

Southern Oil Exploration Corporation (Soekor) from 1985 to 1990. In 1991 David co-founded and ran a very successful “below-the-line” advertising agency called Alexander Charles, supporting clients such as Metropolitan Life, Radio Good Hope, Radio Xhosa and Shell. During this period he developed skills around strategic planning and implementation, particularly new business developments and brand enhancement.

This led to the founding of Metupp Publishing in 1999 and the development of one of the most comprehensive and “intelligent” consumer databases in the country.

Together with his co-founder partners, David pioneered the concept of risk-based direct marketing to the financial services industry, allowing companies to market into the Metupp database and pay only for those leads that converted to sales.

In 2004 David launched a database management company called Les Donnees Marketing Analysts (Pty) Ltd., building on intelligence contained in the original database and integrating it into a telemarketing system designed specifically for young Black entrepreneurs. This entire concept of combining high-end data analytics into on-line sales became the bed-rock of a company launched in 2008 called Brownstone Marketing Analytics, which was re-branded Bastion & Flowe in 2014.

David has invested into and managed a number of projects aimed specifically at uplifting the youth of South Africa. For the last five years he has focused on providing technology platforms and business intelligence tools (that were previously only available to the large corporates of South Africa), to small and medium-sized businesses.

His latest investment is into Blackwood Power, a company specialising in solar energy.