"access to energy is a basic human right"

"Every home in South Africa deserves to have access to solar energy"

"Breaking the shackles binding us to crippling electricity tariff increases"


We will install a solar photovoltaic system on your house, FREE of CHARGE if you meet the following criteria:


How You Save Instantly with the Go Green Tariff

* The term “Go Green” tariff is specific to Blackwood Power and is NOT an official municipal or industry term.

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How Go Green Works


Installation of municipal pre-paid meter (if required) and the photovoltaic (PV) panels.


Installation of the Blackwood Power inverter and solar production meter to measure the output of the solar panels.


As the sun rises, your entire solar production is pumped to the grid and stored there for your future use.


As you use power, you draw off the grid at a flat Go Green tariff, IRRESPECTIVE of what your total electrical consumption is.

The solar array continues to produce straight to the grid.


5 Illustration_5bc-compressorEven when your solar array stops production, you will draw electricity from the grid at the same Go Green tariff.


…and so it continues for the next 20 years


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