"access to energy is a basic human right"

"Every home in South Africa deserves to have access to solar energy"

"Breaking the shackles binding us to crippling electricity tariff increases"

Facts & FAQs

Five Facts About Solar You MUST Know.

  • Load-shedding.

    Load-shedding will be always hang over our heads as South Africans.

  • Eskom price hikes.

    Electricity tariffs vary from municipality to municipality and are expected to rise dramatically (in excess of 40%) on the back of Eskom price hikes over the next five years.

  • Current technology.

    With current technologies, solar arrays STOP OPERATING when the grid (Eskom) power is off. Only when battery storage is attached with its associated inverters will the solar panels continue to produce power and electrify (parts of) your home. Advances in inverter technology are such that batteries may NOT be required for continuous daytime energy generation during utility outages. (Of course this is of no help during evening and night-time power cuts).

  • Innovative financing.

    The launch of new technologies and innovative financing options has now placed the installation of solar solutions firmly in the grasp of the average home-owner.

  • Custom requirements.

    One-size solar solution does NOT fit all. There are enormous complexities attached to ascertaining the TYPE and SIZE solar solution you may require.

  1. 1
    How do I find out more about Blackwood Power and what you are offering?

    Should you require more information, you can call one of our Customer Liaison Officers on 087-351-6494 who will gladly assist you in answering any questions you may have.

  2. 2
    How do I apply?

    Fill in our pre-qualifier questionnaire online,  or you can call one of our agents on 087-351-6494 who will gladly assist you.

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  3. 3
    Do I have to sign a contract?

    Yes, each Operational Lease Agreement is covered by contractual terms and conditions. In the case of an Outright Purchase, the contract covers warranties, operations and maintenance.

  4. 4
    How do I pay for solar solutions?

    You have two different financing options.

          1. Outright Purchase

                Provides the greatest savings over the 20-year period BUT it comes at the highest INITIAL COST – greatest barrier to entry.
                It does NOT include maintanance but does include warranties.

          2. Operational Lease Agreement

                Provides the best annual installment savings over the 20-year period but higher initial costs(after the Outright Purchase option).


  5. 5
    How long is the contract for?

    You can choose a 15 or 20 year long term for your Operational Lease Agreement. You can choose to have a shorter term for the Power Purchase Agreement but this will be determined on a case by case basis and how much you wish to pay every month.


  6. 6
    Can I terminate the contract?

    You can terminate your agreement any time after 5 years, at a cost based on a Settlement Fee calculated specifically on your installation criteria. Should you wish to exit the contract prior to the 5-year period, a Cancellation Fee will be levied over-and-above the Settlement Fee.

  7. 7
    What happens at the end of the contract? Do I own the equipment?

    With the Operational Lease Agreement, Blackwood Power will own the product for the entire product life span. At the end of the contract period you’ll be given the option of performing an outright purchase of the system at a nominal fee or Blackwood Power will remove the system at their cost.

  8. 8
    What happens if the equipment fails? Who services it?

    With the Operational Lease Agreement, Blackwood Power maintains the equipment at its own cost. This includes a routine annual visit to check the efficiency of the system. If you purchase the system outright, you have the option of entering into a Maintenance Agreement with Blackwood Power, the price of which is determined by the size of the system you install.

  9. 9
    Are you cheaper than Eskom/municipal electricity?

    With the Operational Lease model, you will always be financially better off relative to Eskom (or your municipality), but you have to view it over a minimum of a three year period. Check our link to the Financing Options to understand how you save on your electricity bill with a Blackwood Solar Solution

    Click here to see our Financing Options

  10. 10
    Do you have solutions specifically to provide power during load shedding?

    Power can be provided during load shedding if you have one of our two solutions installed:

    1. Battery back-up with Inverter, or
    2. Solar Installation tied to Battery back-up, referred to as the Blackwood Power Storage-Enabled Solar Solution.

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  11. 11
    I live in a flat/townhouse/ cluster – can I become a BWP client?

    As long as you are the homeowner Blackwood Power will look to accommodate your green energy needs.

  12. 12
    What areas of the country do you work in?

    All metropolitan areas.

  13. 13
    I am renting a house, can I become a customer of BWP?

    Only if the owner of the property is prepared to become a Blackwood Power customer.

  14. 14
    Can Blackwood Power take me completely “Off Grid”?

    Yes it is possible to go ‘off grid’ but only as an outright purchase. In certain instances Blackwood Power will provide financing options for the hardware components contained in our standard product offering but the balance of hardware OUTSIDE of the scope of Blackwood Power will have to be purchased by yourself.

  15. 15
    If you can assist me going ‘off grid’ do I still have a contract with you or do I have to buy the system?

    You only sign for the portion that Blackwood Power provides and is installed as one of our standard offerings.

  16. 16
    Does my solar array continue to provide my house with energy during load shedding?

    With current technologies, solar arrays STOP OPERATING when the grid (Eskom) power is off. Advances in inverter technology are such that batteries may NOT be required for continuous daytime energy generation during utility outages. (Of course this is of no help during evening and night-time power cuts).

  17. 17
    What happens to the excess energy I generate from my solar array? Will I be paid for it?

    The confusion around the legalities and requirements of the various municipalities has meant that Blackwood Power’s models do NOT currently accommodate any form of grid feed-in tariff, except for the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.  When there is consensus amongst the controlling bodies it is a simple matter of Blackwood Power remotely re-configuring its system to allow the flow of energy back to the grid.

  18. 18
    What happens when I sell my house?

    It is conceivable that within 20 years you might move. Should this be the case, you will be presented with a number of options to choose between;

    a. You can buy the installation and include it in the house sale (all components have a 20 year warranty).

    b. The new owner can enter into a new contract with Blackwood Power, at which stage your contract will be cancelled.

    c. You can request the removal of the installation and pay the Cancellation Fee.

    d. If the new owner does not wish to purchase the system when you sell your house, you will be charged for the remaining amount of your contract and you will own the system. The system can also be reinstalled on your new house by entering into a new contract with Blackwood Power.

  19. 19
    What happens if my energy consumption dramatically increases or decreases?

    The design of your Blackwood Power solution is based on the consumption profiles as supplied by you during the initial energy audit of your home. If you have a Operational Lease Agreement, your monthly bill will remain the same, irrespective of whether your consumption increases or decreases. Should you under-utilize your solar solution, you’ll simply build up more power credits on your system, which will likely be used during the summer months; should you over-utilize the system, you’ll simply need to top up your account more often.

  20. 20
    How do you enlarge the system if my electricity demand is greater?

    An inverter has a maximum capacity in terms of the amount of energy it can produce; should you require more power you can add additional inverters and panels to your installation to meet your new energy demands. This will mean that you TERMINATE your EXISTING CONTRACT and enter into a NEW CONTRACT with Blackwood Power.

  21. 21
    What happens when new technology comes out and my system becomes out-dated?

    Under the Operational Lease Agreement, Blackwood Power owns the system for the full period of the contract. Under the terms and conditions of the contracts, Blackwood Power provides certain energy-production guarantees against each and every installation and should a system fall below the minimum thresholds, Blackwood Power will swap out the under-performing components at its own cost. If the efficacy of the installation warrants it, we will replace the older technologies with newer technologies.

  22. 22
    What am I responsible for to ensure that the solar system on my roof operates at optimum capacity?

    The Operational Lease Agreements make provision for you to spray down the solar panels twice a year to remove dust accumulation. You are also tasked with removing any shading that may obstruct the solar panels. The efficacy of the solar panels will be monitored by Blackwood Power personnel and should any anomalies be observed, you’ll be contacted so that we can ascertain what the problems may be.

  23. 23
    If I take out a contract what part of the installation do I have to pay for and how is this payment structured?

    You are responsible for covering the connection fee, which can be paid over 6months interest free or upfront.

    Should you require battery backup, Blackwood Power will finance this for you over a 36-60month period at competitive market related rates.

Installing your Solar Solution

Once you’ve successfully completed our Pre-Order Questionnaire, there are Three Steps to installing your Blackwood Power Solar Solution.


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